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Alan Adler loves to make wooden jewelry. Due to the small scale, each piece demands that it is visually interesting.  It is important that it looks good and feels good.  Jewelry is very personal to the viewer and it is impossible to judge how a piece will be received by the public.

Many of the pieces that Alan Adler makes feature colored pencil components with clear protective resin.  His first wood jewelry pieces were Pendants, followed by Bracelets and Bangles, then Earrings. Here is an example of ColoredPencil earrings. Colored Pencil Earrings – Natural Earrings – Colorful Earrings – Artist Gift – Handmade Jewelry – Teacher Gift -One of a Kind -Wood Jewelry

Besides these items featuring colored pencils, Alan Adler has used exotic wood and stained Burl that often has the appearance of stone or jade. He really enjoys taking a piece of wood and transforming it into something that no longer looks like wood.  Often He will get objections from Wood Purists who believe wood should look like wood.  Alan finds this argument to be ridiculous.  Wood is my canvas and it can represent anything the artist wants it to be.  Where do these rules come from and why be so rigid?

Recently, alan Adler has been making natural jewelry from slices of seed pods and spices like cinnamon and anise.  You will not see this anywhere else until it is copied.  These are great gifts for nature lovers and foodies.    Cinnamon Brooch

Acorns offer unique opportunities for color and visual appeal.  Here are acorn earrings. Earrings made with resin and acorns.

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