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Metal Colored Pencil Bracelet

Handmade Colored Pencil Jewelry

Metal Colored Pencil Bracelet is a simple and elegant with a rectangular brass centerpiece. The bangle features a colored pencil insert. It is very cute and will make a great Teacher Gift or Artist Gift. Great colors and an amazing look. This pencil bracelet feature tons of color. After casting a block of pencils I cut rectangular sections to fit into the bronze bezel and coat them with a protective resin. The bracelet consists of three main metal components, and an adjustable chain with a lobster claw clasp. it is a very comfortable piece to wear.

This is a unique bracelet. It is a great conversation pieces and will go with any outfit. Especially that Friday night casual dinner date. Ask your friends what the rectangle material is and you will get crazy answers from, I don’t know to wood. Ask a child and they will tell you colored pencils almost immediately. When you tell your adults friend that they are color pencils they will respond… WOW.


You will find items similar to this bracelet in my store.

If you like this Metal Colored Pencil Bracelet check out my Etsy store for additional items.


The Lathe and Secondary Operations

I design and produce all items in my studio in Montvale, New Jersey, USA. My primary tool is the wood lathe. I use this machine to create forms from large furniture items to small jewelry products. When I began turning most of time was spent on the lathe. As I have grown my skills I find that time at the workbench continues to increase. It is there that I employ many secondary operations to enhance the work and make my items more interesting. These processes include carving, pyrography which is a burning and branding technique, stains, airbrush, the use of resins and much more.


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