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Bog Oak Earrings

Bog Oak Earrings are from the oldest wood on the planet and also the most expensive.  It survives in riverbeds underwater due to the lack of oxygen. The black colors are deep and rich due to the absorption of minerals.  Some logs date back 5000 years to the times of the Pyramids.  Earrings made from 2000 year old Bog Oak.

Bog Oak Earrings feature 2000 year old wood. The wood is expensive as the process to bring them to market is so difficult. Usually the species is Oak trees. For thousands of years the wood absorbs minerals and turns black in color. These logs are located with sonar and dug up from the riverbed. Often logs carbon date back 5000 years. Just imagine these trees growing while the Egyptians are building the Pyramids. When Jesus is in Bethlehem and the Roman Empire is at its peak.

Bog Oak Material

I was given planks of Bog Oak by an importer to test if the product had potential for turning. It is already a proven product for furniture making. I found the material difficult to fabricate. It is not solid and there are void throughout the slabs. So when turning a bowl a large fissure would show up and the bowl would break up. I like Bog Oak material for jewelry because it has beautiful texture, but I think it has limited use for turning larger items.

Gift Ideas

My jewelry features many different materials and you can see what I am up to in my store on the website store or In my Etsy shop.


I design all my items in my New Jersey, USA studio. I enjoy working with unique materials and having the opportunity to explore materials and processes that I am not even aware of today.  My wood turning journey is incredible and it is an honor to be able to share my experience with you.


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