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I studied design and earned a master’s degree in Package Design from Pratt

Institute. Then I founded two companies, Source Packaging and Cases by Source,

which produce custom packaging for everything from aircraft instruments to medical

devices. Upon retiring, I began to expand my interest to create unique items in wood and other materials.



Studio:  Montvale, New Jersey, USA



About: About


Q: You are an entrepreneur and CEO of two companies. How did you get involved in wood turning?
A: After 30 years of designing and producing products for industry, I had a burning desire to return to my design roots and create for personal satisfaction. I discovered wood turning in 2009 when I walked into a gallery and saw a spectacular Norfolk Island Pine Bowl. I was blown away and I had to figure out how that object was made. That began my journey, or as others say, my addiction.

Q: Is your work influenced by other artists?
A: I have been fortunate to have met, studied and received advice and encouragement from many of the leading artists in this medium. This has inspired me to experiment beyond my comfort zone with color, carving and techniques borrowed from other art forms. Major influences in my work come from studying art history and twentieth century masters. Viewing nature and observing simple and elegant forms, textures and patterns have inspired organic relevance that can all be seen throughout my work.

Q: Why woodturning?
A: I have always been drawn to wood and furniture building so this was a natural fit.  Woodturning grabbed me as an art form and provided a process to reconnect with my design roots and personal creative expression. Nothing measures up to the excitement and discovery of peeling away layers of wood and exposing hidden treasures in grain, texture and color.

Q: You are relatively new at this, yet you have received myriad prestigious awards.
A: I am humbled to be recognized by other leading wood artists and accepted into this wonderful community of creative people.


Q: What would you like your customers to know about you?
A: I am doing what I love and am happy to share my art with others who see the magic I see in this art form. Should you make a purchase, know that I appreciate your support and I am honored that you have taken a piece of me into your home.


2014 Totally Turning, Saratoga, Pendants in Jewelry Category, First Place

2015 Totally Turning, Saratoga, Jack’s Chair, Whimsical Adirondack Chair, Third Place

2015 Totally Turning, Saratoga, Laminated Paper Bangles, Honorable Mention

2017 Northeastern Woodworking Association Saratoga, WoodJewelry, First Place

2018 Northeastern Woodworking Association. Saratoga. Dragonfly Hollow Form, Pyrography and Stain. First Place


Gallery Representation

                                                                  Museum for Art in Wood, Philadelphia, PA

  • Brooklfield Crafy Center, Brookfield, CT

  • Just New Jersey, Morristown and Montclair NJ

  • North Folk Craft Gallery, Wadding River, NY

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