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Faux Antique Copper Bangle

Faux Antique Copper Bangle has an African Jewelry influence. It is a wide bangle made on the Lathe. Then the symbols are burned in place with pyrography tools. Pyrography is branding wood with a red hot wire. An artist bends a wire to make a specific shape. Attach the two ends of the wire to a power source. Flip the switch on and the wires become red hot ready to brand the wood.  Here is a link to learn more about Pyrography

Remember that camp experience using something that looks like soldering iron. That tool was so frustrating to use. It never got hot enough to do anything. Today with professional tools wood artists do realistic illustrations. This is another example of my work that features Pyrography.


In 2010 I began to make wood jewelry. Starting with pendants I the began to experiment with bangles and necklaces. This Faux Antique Copper Bangle combines many techniques that I had to learn to accomplish this piece. Here are the steps to create this bangle. First I turn the bangle form on a wood lathe. The I use the pyrography tools to burn in a variety of symbols to decorate and provide texture. Next I paint the entire piece with cooper paint and I coat with a chemical to make the patina. Finally, I buff and polish the bangle and coat with a protective finish. I am happy with this piece as a piece of jewelry and a small sculptural object.

Studio Time

My studio is in Montvale, New Jersey, USA where I create all my items. I divide my time between making a form on the wood lathe and adding decorative elements at the studio bench. People often ask how long it takes to make a piece. I never account for the amount of hours it takes to make a piece. For me it is all about the process and experience.


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