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Award for Bent Wood Bracelets

Bracelet Award

Honor to receive Third Place Award for Bent Wood Bracelets at the annual regional wood worker symposium in Saratoga in 2018. This is a grouping of Bent Wood Coil Bracelets on a display which I also designed. The wood species are Oak, Sycamore and Elm. I have a process that enables me to coil and bend wood with a tight radius without snapping the wood. This technique allows me to explore new types of jewelry items and sculptural forms.

The inside diameter of the bracelets average 2 1/4 inches while the outside diameter is approximately 3 inches. The thickness of the wood is 1/4 of an inch. They are surprisingly flexible and can be worn every day without fear of damage.

In 2010 I began making jewelry This process of bending wood is a new direction from my color pencil items. I find the creative process so exciting because just the act of doing something often leads to new ideas.

Gift Ideas

You will get lots of enjoyment from this group of Award for Bent Wood Bracelets. Maybe you need a unique gift for that special friend. They are perfect as an Artist Gift, Teacher Gift or someone who loves the organic feel of wood.

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I design all of the items in my studio in Montvale, NJ USA. When you purchase from me you can be confident that you are purchasing an original Alan Adler item. My primary machine is the Robust wood lathe with three horsepower. I can turn a two hundred pound log or a several ounce wood bangle. After I turn the form of the lathe I will spend a significant amount of time at the workbench enhancing the piece.


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