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Comic Strip Bangle

Comic Collage

Comic Strip Bangle is a wood bangle with comic strip art and a protective resin finish. I cut up comic strips and paste them around the wood form creating this one of a kind collage. This wood bangle is handmade on the Lathe. Then it goes to the studio bench where I paste the comic strips onto the wood form. I finish with several coats of epoxy resin.

The inside diameter is 2 3/8 inches with an outside diameter of 3 1/2 inches. This fun piece is unique and a great gift for an artist or fashionista. If you are checking the best fit for a wood bangle determine your size by measuring the interior diameter of a comfortable round bracelet.

In 2010, I began making wood jewelry. I love making bangles because there are many techniques to explore. With this Comic Strip Bangle begin with an oversized wood donut. I cut comic strips from the Sunday newspapers to make this fun bangle.

Gift Ideas

If you are searching for an unusual jewelry item there are unique pieces in my store on this website. A bangle like this will be an exceptional gift for that special friend in who is comfortable wearing bold wood jewelry. Take a look at other items that you may like in my store. If you want to continue shopping take a look at my Etsy shop.


I design and produce every item that is on this website in my studio in Montvale, NJ USA. My time is split between the lathe and secondary work at the studio bench. When I began my Woodturning journey most of my efforts and time were spent at the lathe. Now I find time on the lathe is declining and workbench time is increasing as my portfolio is maturing. All items are original and unique.


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