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Silk and Resin Earrings

Silk Thread Resin Earrings

Silk and Resin Earrings are made from silk threads embedded in resin. These are one of a kind earrings that feature thread floating in resin. The silk is from an artist friend who I makes beautiful silk and woolen shawls. I make wood pins for her that sell with the shawls. Brainstorming one afternoon we came up with the ideas to use her end cuts of threads to make earrings. Perhaps they will become an accessory line for her shoulder products.

Handmade Wood Jewelry Since 2010

The wires are Sterling Silver for beauty and health protection. I have been designing handmade wood jewelry since 2010. I got the idea that I could cast a block of colored pencils in clear epoxy resin. Now I am doing earrings with spices like anise stars, acorns, pinecones and other natural products including silk thread. Once the resin sets up I am able to process the block into smaller sections to make unique jewelry. If you like these colorful earrings perhaps you can take a look at Mondrian Inspired Colored Pencil Earrings

These Silk and Resin Earrings will make a fashion statement and get attention when worn with any outfit. They are great conversation pieces and a fashion statement. Take a look in my shop and have fun with my handmade resin earrings.

Resin Jewelry

Most of my jewelry items involve the use of resin in my process. I never used this product until I became involved in decorating my wood bowls. It has opened a variety of decorative options

Gift Ideas

The colorful resin earring will be an exceptional Teacher Gift, Artist Gift or gift for that special person in your life.


I design all items in my store in my studio in Montvale, NJ USA. When you purchase from me I guarantee that you will receive an original handmade Alan Adler piece.


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