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Shawl Pin or Hair Stick

Shawl Pin or Hair Stick Is a set of commission pieces for my artist friend Lioubov who designs incredible scarfs and shawls. I am happy to play a small part in her artistic and business journey.

Shawl Pin or Hair Stick are great accent pieces for that a special garment or hair accessory. The pins are gorgeous examples of common wood species and exotic woods. They include Ambrosia Maple, Maple Burl, Oak Burl, Ebony, Cheery and Walnut. The Shawl Pin can be used as a stick pin for a special sweater of scarf. Use it to accent a wonderful knit, crochet scarf or wrap. The pins are 4 inches long.

Wood Species

Just a little about these special woods. Ambrosia Maple gets its colorful marks when the Ambrosia Beetle infests a tree. In the process of attacking the tree these buggers create colorful earth tone streaks that are highly sought after by wood artists. A burl is the round bump you may notice on a tree trunk. It is not a tumor or a disease. It is a growth that the tree produces to protect itself from insects or storm damage.

Gift Ideas

Shawl Pin or Hair Stick is also a great gift item for that special friend who appreciates handmade jewelry items. Do you have a friend with a beautiful shawl that is always falling off her shoulder that drives you nuts? Problem solved for both of you. A win-win situation. Need a Birthday Gift, Gift for Knitter or Fashionista Gift?

If you like this item there are other fashion accessory items to consider in my Etsy store.


I design and produce all items in my studio in Montvale NJ USA. When you purchase from AATurning you can be sure that you will receive an original Alan Adler item.


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