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Colored Pencil Earring

Colored Pencil Earring Redesign

This is a new style to my Colored Pencil Earring line. Usually there is a metal finding to support the pencil. Here it is all pencil and I think it is more interesting. This design change came about from requests for lighter weight earrings. By eliminating the metal findings there is less weight and there is color exposure on all sides making for a more interesting earring.

Colored Pencil Resin Jewelry

This Colored Pencil Earring is a brick shape block of color pencils. Clear epoxy resin highlights and protects this unique piece of Boho jewelry. The ear wires are Sterling Silver. These earrings highlight a cross-section of color pencils exposing color lead lines on two sides and the pencil point dots on opposite sides.

I began to design handmade wood jewelry in 2010. I began with wood pendants. Then I had an idea to cast colored pencils in resin. The first pieces were color pencil bangle bracelets that I turned on the lathe. I noticed that as I rotate the bangle the shape of the color changes from a dot which is the pencil point to an oval and finally color line. This opened design opportunities for paperweights, money clips, earrings and cufflinks.

Colored Pencils as a Fashion Statement

These earrings make a fashion statement and always receive attention. They are great conversation pieces. Ask a friend what the colors are made of and most will not be able to offer an answer. When you tell them it is color pencils they will respond “Wow.” Ask a child and they will say colored pencils almost immediately.

BoHo Jewelry

I used the term above Boho jewelry. I thought it would be nice to share the Wikipedia definition. Hope this helps. Country bohemian style is a fashion style synthesizing rural elements with the bohemian style,[1] creating a bohemian approach to life in the country.[2] The country bohemian style can refer to both fashion[3] and interior design.[4].

Unique Gift Ideas

These earrings are exceptional Artist Gifts and Teacher Gifts. Or a unique gift for that colorful person in your life. You know that wood is the Fifth Wedding Anniversary Gift through any year is cool for a Color Pencil Jewelry Gift.

If you like these Colored Pencil Brick Shape Earrings please take a look at my other color pencil items including Color Pencil Bracelets and Rings.


These earrings as with all my Wooden Jewelry are handmade by me in my studio in Montvale, NJ USA.


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