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Resin and Acorn Earrings

Resin and Acorn Earrings are the ultimate in craziness. Are you brave enough to wear acorn earrings? Of course you are. No one would know they are acorns. The wires are Sterling so no allergies unless you are allergic to oak trees.

Resin and Acorn Earrings feature casting of a bunch of Acorn Caps in tinted resin. Unsure that this concept was going to work, it was a worth exploring. The project began by collecting acorn caps. I add resin and when it is hard the cast block with the caps goes to the bandsaw where I cut sections for the jewelry components. Then I sand the rectangles to the proper size. They will then get several layers of resin to bring out the color and protect the surface.

The outcome is pleasing and the parts are rather unique. Most viewers are unable to identify the acorns. When they are told they are acorns there is disbelief. I have used this technique to make jewelry with other organic items with pinecones, anise, cinnamon and thistle. The process is something I will continue developing.

Gift ideas

If you like these Resin and Acorn Earrings and want to purchase resin items with color pencils, cinnamon sticks and anise star seed pods take a look at my etsy shop. All my products are unique and made by me.


I design and produce all these unique items in my studio in New Jersey, USA. My main tool is the American made Robust wood lathe, but I often find myself spending more time at the studio bench where I develop and refine ideas. With these earring they never went near the lathe. For me this is the best part of the creative process. Ideas evolve and products that never existed become reality.


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