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Color Pencil Bracelet

Wood Jewelry Made From Colored Pencils And Resin

This Color Pencil Bracelet wood jewelry is turned on a lathe from a block of colored pencils cast in resin. I began making handmade wooden jewelry in 2010.  I had an idea to cast a block of colored pencils in clear resin. When the resin is hard I cut the block into sections to produce jewelry.  Starting with bangles and bracelets I noticed by rotating the bangle the shape of the colors changed from a dot to an oval and then to a straight line. This discovery on how to use the shape of the colors opened new opportunities to create earrings, pendants, and cufflinks.

How To Determine Your Bracelet Size

Here is an easy way to determine the size of a bracelet that will fit you comfortably. Go into your jewelry box and measure the inside diameter of a solid round bracelet that fits you comfortably. If you cannot find one make a paperboard sleeve to slide over your hand without flexing and measure the inside diameter.

This color pencil bracelet get lots of attention. People are curious of the colors. Most are unable to guess that they are color pencils. Ask an adult what they see you will get crazy and incorrect answers. Tell them, ” Color Pencils” and they respond “Wow.” Ask a child and the immediate answer is “Color Pencils.” Maybe this is why children are more creative than most adults. We lose something along the way.

Gift Ideas

This will make an exceptional Artist Gift and a Teacher Gift. Or a gift for that special person in your life. If you like Color Pencil Earrings then take a look at Mondrian Inspired Colored Pencil Earrings. These examples show how I change the orientation of the pencil leads to get different effects.

Please take a look at my Etsy Store or my website store under Wood Jewelry for a variety of items. If you like this bangle there are other color pencil jewelry items in my store that you may like.


I design all items in my studio in Montvale, NJ USA.


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