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Colored Pencil Bangles

Colored Pencils are drawing instruments to create art. How about when they become the Art? This is what I try to do with these Colored Pencil Bangles and my wood jewelry.

These Colored Pencil bangles are handmade on a lathe. I began making handmade jewelry in 2010. I had the idea to turn a block of colored pencils that were cast in resin. Then, I cut the block into sections to make jewelry. I noticed that by rotating the turned cylinder the shape of the colors changed from a dot to an oval to a straight line. These changing color shapes offered opportunities to create pendants, earrings, paperweights and cufflinks.

Trying to figure out how to determine the size of a bracelet that will will be most comfortable? Go to your jewelry box and measure the inside diameter of a solid round bracelet that fits you well. An option is to make a paperboard sleeve and slide over your hand without flexing and then measure the inside diameter.

These color pencil bangles get a lot of attention at craft fairs. People are curious of the colors and most cannot determine that they are color pencils. When I ask an adult what they see I get crazy answers. Tell them, ” Color Pencils” and they respond “Wow.” Ask a child and the immediate answer is “Color Pencils.” Maybe this is why children are more creative than most adults. We lose something along the way.

Gift Ideas

If you like a colored pencil bracelet then you may like these earrings. These examples show how I change the orientation of the pencil leads to acheive different effects.

Looking for a Teacher Gift or Gift for Artist? Please take a look at my Etsy Store for a Wood Jewelry.


I design all items in my studio in Montvale, NJ USA.


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