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Double Sided Pencil Pendant

Wood Jewelry

Double Sided Pencil Pendant is visible on both sides of this pendant. This is a one of a kind Wood jewelry, square black bezel frame Colored Pencil Pendant. The necklace features a cross-section of color pencils. I fabricate pencil sections from a resin cast block to fit the bezel.  The colors are intense and these wood pendants are unique.

Colored Pencil And Resin Jewelry

The dots are the points of the colored pencils.  So the blue dot that you see is a blue pencil. In some other pencil items you see lines of color.  That is the color lead along the length of the pencil. A clear resin dome highlights and protects this pendant. The size is 1 inches long by 1 inch wide and approximately 1/4 inch thick. It includes a 24 inch metal link chain.

This is a great conversation piece and will get attention when worn with any outfit. When I ask an adult what the dots are they struggle for an answer. Ask a child and the response is immediate and correct.

Teacher Gift Ideas

This Necklace will make an exceptional Artist Gift and Teacher Gift. How about a Birthday Gift for that special person in your life? You can find these items in my store on this site. If you like Double Sided Pencil Pendant there are more jewelry selections on Etsy.


I design and produce all items in my studio in Montvale, NJ USA. While my primary tool is the wood lathe when it comes to jewelry making the lathe plays a minor role. Most of the creative activity take place at the workbench. Hours fly by and I am in a zone of complete concentration, focus and meditation. Many makers call this an addiction and I think there is truth to that. Many of us make things because we have to and it has less to do with money.


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