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Pencil and Eraser Pendant

Pencil and Eraser Pendant is an unusual pendant. It consists of Red and Black Erasers from Number 2 pencils mounted in a bronze bezel with an adjustable red suede cord. This is one of a kind Wood jewelry in a round bezel frame. The necklace features a cross-section of graphite pencils and erasers. I fabricate pencil sections from a cast resin block and turn it to fit the bezel. The red and black colors are intense and these wood pendants are unique.

The dots are the erasers and the metal circles that you see are the barrels that hold the eraser to the wood. A clear resin dome highlights and protects this pendant. The size is two inches in diameter by approximately 1/4 inch thick. The leather cord is adjustable by pulling on the ends and bringing the necklace to the most comfortable length. This is a great conversation piece and will get attention when worn with any outfit.

Artist and Teacher Gift Ideas

This Necklace will make an exceptional Artist Gift and Teacher Gift. How about a Birthday Gift for that special person in your life? You can find these items in my store on this site.

If you like Pencil and Eraser Pendant there are more selections in my Etsy Store.


I design and produce all items in my studio in Montvale, NJ, USA. My primary tool is the Robust wood lathe. Some consider this the dream machine. It never lets me down as it has the power to turn a two hundred pound log into a fifteen pound seating stool. It also provides the precision to produce fine wooden jewelry. Although the lathe is critical to my work I find that I can spend more time developing the piece at the workbench. Sometimes the lathe may not be used at all to develop a piece.


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