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Abstract Colored Pencil Pendants

Abstract Colored Pencil Pendants are mounted in rectangular bezels. This grouping represents my signature color pencil designs.  This is a new path developing abstract designs inspired by the windows of the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

These Abstract Colored Pencil Pendants feature a spectrum of colors.  No one can resist colored pencils.  They take us back to childhood.  Now we can celebrate Color Pencils as  adults with my jewelry designs. I cast a block of pencils then cut them up, sand them, fit them into a jewelry finding and cover them with clear epoxy for a lifetime of protection.

These are one of a kind Wood jewelry, rectangular bronze bezel pendants. They feature a cross section of color pencils. The colors are intense and these wooden pendants are unique.

In the photo the color lines is a cross sections of the lead along the length of the pencil.  The dots or circles are the the ends of the lead or the pencil point. The size is 2 inches long by 1 inch wide and approximately 1/8 inch thick. They hang on an adjustable leather suede cord.

They are fashion statements and great conversation pieces.

Gift Ideas

These pendants make exceptional Artist Gifts and Teacher Gifts. Need a Birthday Gift for that special person in your life?  You will find pendants similar to these in my store.

If you like these Abstract Colored Pencil Pendants check out items in my Etsy Store.


I design and produce all items in my studio in Montvale, NJ USA.  These jewelry items evolved from making art on the wood lathe.  As my interests in exploring new products like jewelry develop, I find that I spending time at the workbench and not using the lathe at all.  I never imagined this would happen, but this evolution should have been expected.



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