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Colored Pencil Wood Bangles

Color Pencils are commonly used to draw and create art. How about when the pencil becomes the Art? This is what I am trying to do with these Colored Pencil Wood Bangles and my jewelry products.

These Color Pencil Wood Bangles are handmade on a wood lathe. The lathe is typically used for making bowls, but this is changing with artists pushing the envelope. I began to make wood jewelry in 2010 when I also started to experiment with resin and wood combinations. I had an idea to turn a bunch of colored pencils cast in resin. Then, I cut the block into smaller sections to make jewelry. I noticed that by rotating the turned cylinder the shape of the colors changed from dots to an ovals and then a straight line. The revolving color shapes offered opportunities to create colorful wood jewelry.

Are you struggling to determine the size of a bracelet that will will be most comfortable? Go to your jewelry box and measure the inside diameter of a solid round bracelet that fits well. An option is making a paperboard sleeve to slide over your hand and measure the diameter.

These color pencil bangles get attention at holiday shows. People are curious about the colors and cannot determine they are color pencils. When I ask an adult what the material is I will get crazy answers. Tell them, ” Color Pencils” and the response is “Wow.” Ask a child and the answer is “Color Pencils.” Children are more open and creative than most adults.

Gift Ideas

If you like these colored pencil wood bangles take a look at this pendant.

Looking for a Teacher Gift or Gift for Artist? Please take a look at my Etsy Store for Wood Jewelry items 


I design all items in my studio in Montvale, NJ USA.


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