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Laminated Paper Bangles

Laminated Paper Bangles are made by gluing layers of paper into a block, turning them on a lathe and then coating them in resin.  This paper bangle is now stronger than wood.

These Laminated Paper Bangles are one of a kind items and always get attention. The process is to laminate many color paper sheets together with waterproof glue. The inside diameter is 2 1/2 inches and the outside diameter is 3 1/2 inches. The thickness is 1/2 inch. Finally the entire piece is gets a protective clear resin finish. 

To determine a Bangle for your wrist size measure the inside of a solid round bracelet that you are comfortable wearing.  The other method is to make a rigid paper tube that slides over your hand.

Gift Ideas

If you like this unusual bangle and would like one for yourself or a friend they are available in my webstore and also Gallery 23 in Blairstown, NJ.  They make exceptional Artist Gifts. My bangles are signed on the inside, Alan Adler

If you like this Paper Bangle you may want to look at some other wood jewelry items like Colored Pencil Bangle.

Resin Facts

I use a two part resin mix for casting or coating most of my jewelry items for extraordinary protection.  It never gets boring and the results usually exceed expectations.  Resin offers many new areas to experiment with and to design beautiful and unique handmade jewelry items.


I design and produce all of the items in my store in my studio in Montvale, New Jersey.  My primary tool is the wood lathe.  Once I create the form it goes to the workbench where I will refine details and finish it with a protective coating.  When you purchase from AATurning I guarantee that you will receive an original item.


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