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Graphite Pencil and Eraser Bracelet

Graphite Pencil and Eraser Bracelet is an unusual wood  bracelet featuring #2 Pencils with white erasers.  The erasers and a section of a #2 pencils is cast into a resin block. This block goes to a wood lathe to become this unique bracelet and bangle. Previously, I would make this style bangle with color pencils.  These have become my signature pieces and are available in my store.  This is a transition to another common material, the ubiquitous lead pencil for making jewelry.


This Bracelet features a cross-section of graphite pencils and erasers. I fabricate the pencil sections from an epoxy resin block.  The white erasers with the silver metal barrels that hold the erasers.  Together with the black lead pencil color offers a wonderful contrast in colors.  A clear protective resin coating highlights and protects this bangle.  The size of this bracelet is approximately 2 1/2 inch diameter on the inside and 3 1/2 inches outside dimension.  

This is a great conversation piece and will get attention when worn with any outfit.  Your friends will not be able to identify the pencil components of the bracelet and will respond with a WOW when you tell them they are pencils.

Gift Ideas

This bracelet will make an exceptional Artist Gift and Teacher Gift. How about a Birthday Gift for that special person in your life? You can find these items in my store on this site.

If you like this Graphite Pencil and Eraser Bracelet there are more selections in my Etsy Store.


I design and produce all items in my studio in Montvale, New Jersey, USA. I began to make wood jewelry in 2010.  Beginning with wood pendants I then transitioned to other jewelry items.  This bangle is an outgrowth of that process experimenting with a new material.


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