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Lightweight Colored Pencil Earrings


Several galleries asked that I come up with a way to make lightweight colored pencil earrings. It took some time, but the solution was rather simple. I did this by eliminating metal bezels. The image here is from a Pinterest Ad announcing this new series. I post often on Pinterest. Hope that you follow me there for new announcements.

Lightweight Colored Pencil Earrings feature stunning colors. They are in the shape of a small block and have sterling silver wires. These wood earrings represent a new style in my product line. This adjustment makes the earrings more interesting by being able to view the colors from all six sides. Clear resin highlights and protects these handmade pieces of Boho jewelry.

Jewelry Making

My journey into jewelry making began with wood pendants. This taught me how to assemble findings like beads, bales, chain and leather. Then I went onto casting colored pencils in epoxy. The first pieces were color pencil bangles made on a lathe. This lead to making earrings, brooches and rings.

Color Pencils make a fashion statement and always get attention. They are easy items to start a conversation. Ask someone what the colors are made of and most will not be able to tell you.  When you say they are color pencils they respond “Wow.”   If you like these Colored Pencil Earrings please take a look at this pin.

One of a Kind

I used the term Boho jewelry. I thought it appropriate to share the Wikipedia definition. Country bohemian style is a fashion style synthesizing rural elements with the bohemian style,[1] creating a bohemian approach to life in the country.[2] The country bohemian style can refer to both fashion[3] and interior design.[4].


These earrings as with all my Wooden Jewelry are handmade by me in my studio in Montvale, NJ USA.


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