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Wood Jewelry Award

Second Place Wood Jewelry Award for color pencils earrings at the annual woodworkers symposium in Saratoga, New York in 2019. This year is an example of how customers push me to innovate my jewelry line. One idea leads to another and the variety in the portfolio of expands.

Be Flexible and Listen to Your Customers

I have been making color pencil earrings for years. Recently the galleries began to request that the earrings be lighter. Initially, all my earrings were on metal bezels. I spent several months experimenting and finally had a solution to eliminate the metal findings. This also resulted in developing several new styles and shapes. Previously, the earrings were flat and rectangular. The new new designs features cubes and colors are that are visible on all 6 sides. Before the view was on only one surface.

Additionally the new shapes and designs became more adventurous. There is a series that I refer to as the Frank Lloyd Wright Inspiration Windows. Here I use a slice and dice technique and the pieces contain both dots and lines throughout the earring.

Also, I was able to use gifts from Mother Nature with the earrings like seed pods from trees. Silk thread is also cast in the miniature blocks which was not possible before.

Gift Ideas

If you like the items featured in this Wood Jewelry Award take a look in the jewelry section of my store for a unique gift. If you do not see anything there jump over to my Etsy shop.


I design all my jewelry in in my Montvale New Jersey Studio, USA. My primary tool is the wood lathe. Sometimes jewelry begins on the lathe and at other times everything takes place at the workbench. The focus of this creative process often evolves into a form of meditation where time seems not to exist.


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