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Ebony Dyed Burl Pendants

Wood Jewelry

Group of Ebony Dyed Burl Pendants on a leather cord with various metal findings and beads.  This is a group of Handmade Ebony Wood Jewelry Pendants feature turned Ebony wood.  They represent the initial designs for pendants and necklaces when I began to explore wood jewelry.  My wife used to stop in every bead store when we would travel.  I hated every minute of it.  Now, it is me that leads the way into a bead store.  From pendants I began to make bracelets, bangles and earrings.  I now use many different materials that include color pencils, acorns, seed pods, cinnamon sticks and resin.

By tugging on the two ends the leather cord the necklace adjusts to the best length for comfort.  These are a great conversation pieces and will gain attention with any outfit.

Gift ideas

These Wood Necklaces will make exceptional Artist Gifts and Teacher Gifts. How about a Birthday Gift for that special person in your life? You can find these items in my store on this site. Handmade Wood Jewelry Pendants

If you like Ebony Dyed Burl Pendants there are more selections in my Etsy Store.


These pendants as with all my jewelry is handmade in my studio in Montvale, NJ, USA. My primary machine is a Robust wood lathe.  It has three horse power and is capable of turning a two hundred pound log down to a twenty pound stool.  It  is also the machine that I use to create wood jewelry that may weigh less than an ounce.  That says a lot about the quality of this machine.

Once the form is created on the lathe secondary operations are always required at the studio bench to refine the item and to make it unique.  These procedures include carving, piercing, staining and finishing with a protective coating.


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