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Primary Color Wood Bracelets

Set of 3 Primary Color Wood Bracelets in red, yellow and blue. These thin wood bracelets were fun to turn on a wood lathe and they look great as a group. The inside diameter is 2 3/8 inches and the outside diameter is 3 inches. The thickness is 3/8 inches. These pieces are one of a kind items.

I began producing wood jewelry in 2010. The journey began with pendants and necklaces and then bracelets and bangles. Shortly after came earrings, cufflinks, brooches and pins. I experiment with exotic woods, color pencils, seed pods like anise, pinecones and acorns.

Gift Ideas

If you are looking to purchase a bangle in my store or in my Etsy shop and are not certain of the best way to determine your size measure a solid round bracelet you are comfortable wearing or make a paper tube that slides over you hand.

I think you will enjoy looking at my wooden jewelry creations. Many will make an exceptional gift for that special friend in your life who is comfortable wearing bold wood jewelry.  Thinking Birthday Gift, Anniversary Gift? Take a look in my web store or a Etsy Shop. Take a look at other items that you may like in my store.  Color Pencils make up my signature pieces and is a unique Colored Pencil Bangle. Another great place to shop is my Etsy store.


Most projects begin on the wood lathe. Then secondary operations are required to finesse the piece to become something special. This happens at the workbench with carving, piercing, pyrography and finishing.

I design and produce every item like Primary Color Wood Bracelets that are on my website in my studio in Montvale, NJ USA. All items are original and unique. I never sell items that I have not worked on.


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