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Gum Tree Seed Pod Earrings

Natural Jewelry

Gum Tree Seed Pod Earrings are made from those spiky wood seed pods you see on the sidewalk in the Autumn. They are from Gum Trees. Because they look like something that came from outer space I thought they would make cool earrings if set in resin.

Seed Pod Jewelry

Gum Tree Seed Pod Earrings features a Gum Tree seed pod floating in blue resin. Much of my art derives inspiration from Mother Nature. I have produced many pieces that feature plant life, seed pods and leaves. Other plant and seed pods that I cast into jewelry are acorns, pinecones, cinnamon sticks and anise star spices. It is amazing to watch these common natural objects transform into unique geometric organic forms.

The process to make these Gum Tree Seed Pod Earrings involves casting a seed pod into a block of resin. The block is then cut into sections. Next I dome the earring with clear resin to enhance the color which also provides exceptional protection. Ever worry that another woman will be wearing the same jewelry? Will not happen with these earrings. You will not see these anywhere else unless it is a copy of my jewelry.

Will be fun to have your friends guess what is in the earring. I have yet to have someone identify this abstract cast object even as a plant form.

Gift Ideas

This is a perfect Gardener Gift, or for someone who loves Abstract Art. If you like these earrings you may like other items in my store.  Take a look at Thistle and Resin Pendant. Still searching for a special gift?  Visit my Etsy Shop.


Everything you see on my website is handmade by me. Should you purchase an Alan Adler item it is an original piece by me from my studio bench in Montvale, NJ USA.


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