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Square Colored Pencil Cufflinks


Square Colored Pencil Cufflinks with Colored Pencil Inserts. I am expecting a phone call from Amazon asking what I am doing buying all these color pencils. These Cufflinks with color pencil inserts are unique and colorful. They make great conversation pieces. I cast color pencils In a block of resin and then slice and shape inserts to fit the bronze bezel. A clear resin dome highlights the colors and offers a protective layer.

The fun part of this color pencil jewelry is asking people to tell you what is the material of the insert. Ask an adult and most will not answer color pencils. When they give up and you tell them they will respond, “Wow.” Ask a kid and without hesitation they will tell you they are color pencils. As we age we seem to lose the creativity we had as a child. Have some fun with this experiment.

Gift Ideas

I began making jewelry in 2010. My signature line is Color Pencil Jewelry. In my store you can find great gifts for the man in your life like Square Colored Pencil Cufflinks.   Maybe a Teacher Gift showIng appreciation for the mentor who is important to your child?  If you like Cufflinks check out other color pencil items.   

Something To Think About

During the first week at Design School the professor said that there is nothing new in design.  I found that statement shocking.  But the more I thought about it, I realized that there are always precedents going back thousands of years.  This does not mean that there are no new or innovative ideas, but that the past has an influence on us that we may not realize. For example here is a link for vintage CuffLinks that I recently discovered.  I was not aware of these cufflinks before I made my Cufflinks.   Did I subconsciously copy them or did I develop them through experimenting and previous experiences? 


I make all the Wooden Jewelry items in my store in my studio in Montvale, NJ USA.


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