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Day of the Dead Vase

Day of the Dead Vase is a vase for a group exhibition. The event was in Traverse City, Michigan celebrating Dia de los Muertos. This is a wonderful Mexican and Latin American Festival welcoming returning souls. Coco is a terrific Disney animation movie about this holiday. The vase is Red Cedar wood with a top rim with skulls in resin. The side walls feature butterflies which represent the departed souls.

This is the first theme exhibition that I participated in. It is an interesting creative process. It requires creating an item defined by someone other than the artist. Most makers create what Interests or inspires them. When I was invited to participate I did research on the meaning of the Festival. It is a challenging to represent a theme that the public will understand.

Learning to use an airbrush

Learning to handle an airbrush Is challenging. There were several projects that I began to plan requiring decoration with an airbrush. I could not find a workshop or artist to learn the process. So I began to experiment with trial by error. It was so painful. Laying down color was inconsistent. I suffered with paint spitting and not flowing, and the brush clogging and not functioning. This is another path and skill that I had to learn to support my wood art addiction. If you like this Day of the Dead vase here is another vessel where I use the airbrush.

Gift Ideas

If you are looking for a unique gift Red Tulip Gallery in New Hope, PA represents my art in the store and online. Check them out.


I design all my items in my New Jersey USA studio. My primary tool is the wood lathe, but is takes many other tools to create a piece.


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