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Universe Wooden Vase


This Universe Wooden Vase is turned on a wood lathe. Once the wood vase form is complete I will spend more time finishing the vase to tell a story. I cut a recess into the top rim and hand place each color pencil into the cutout. Then, I flood the rim with tinted resin to fill the voids and seal the pencils in place. I go back to the lathe to trim the pencils and bring the piece to life. Now I add graphic elements using pyrography and the airbrush to complete the Universe Wooden Vase.

Pyrography is a branding technique with a tool that looks like a soldering iron. Not like the ones we had in the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts that never worked. Now pyrography tools are very complex and expensive. With the pyrography tools, I began to brand the wood from the bottom up with symbols for water, then birds as life and finally the stars for the universe. In addition to this I then airbrush layers of colorful tints to give the piece depth. The wooden vase size is a 6 inch diameter by 5 1/2 inches tall.

My Lathe

I thought I should share with you the lathe I use. It is the Robust, American Beauty, Made in the USA. It is one of the pricier machines on the market and probably the best. This is my second lathe. I didn’t want to be constantly upgrading so I made the investment in the best machine available and never looked back.

I use color pencils in many of my pieces. They appear in my wood jewelry as well as on my wood bowls. This has become a signature feature in much of my art. Here is one example of a bowl with a similar rim.

Studio and Workshop

My studio is in Montvale, New Jersey, USA.


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