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Pinecone with Acorns Vase

Casting Seed Pods in Resin

Pinecone with Acorns Vase features casting of a bunch of these seed pods in blue resin. Unsure that this concept would work, it was worth exploring and rewarding. The project began by collecting a bucket of acorn caps and pinecones and then adding resin to the bucket. When hard, the cast block of resin with the seed pods goes on the lathe. Revolving at a high speed a hand held tool cuts into the casting. Plastic shavings began to fly as the form of a vase begins to take shape. Once the outside shape is complete I reverse the part on the lathe. Next I cut the interior to complete the vase.

Jewelry Making with Resin

The outcome is pleasing and the part is rather unique. Most viewers are unable to identify the acorns or the pinecone which appears as a rose in the foreground. I have used this technique to make jewelry items, but this is my first attempt at making a vase. The process is something worth developing further.

Unique Gift Resource

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I design and produce all these unique items in my studio in Montvale, New Jersey, USA. The wood lathe is my primary tool. Once a form is complete the project moves to the workbench. It is here that I may spend more time refining and finishing the piece than I did on the lathe. In the case of this project a lot of buffing and polishing was required to achieve the high gloss.

Woodturning Addiction or Woodturning Therapy

As I am not a production turner time is not an issue in completing any piece. I find the time spent developing a piece a form of meditation. Many woodturners will tell you that turning is a form of addiction for them.


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