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Biker Chick

Biker Chick Vase is a piece in my zipper series. Here I am after the Biker Chick look of black leather, metal studs and zippers on a wooden art vase. This vase is a part of a female theme  series of vases that feature zippers and other fashion components.

The idea for this series began with Pretty Woman.  It was an accidental design opportunity. I was looking to find a solution for a crack in the vaseas it was too pretty to go into the firewood pile.  Out of the blue I had the idea to insert a zipper in the crack. Very happy with the result I continued to develop the zipper concept into a series of feminine forms.

The Creative Process

It fascinates me how a solution can appear out of nowhere. This usually happens late at night or upon awakening. It may take days or weeks and sometimes months. Recently a project resolved itself after several years. I could not figure out how to make a specific item that I had seen. One morning upon waking the solution was clear in my head. I immediately went to the studio and within a  few hours accomplished something that eluded me for years.

Biker Chick Vase is an wood art sculpture that includes turning, carving, painting and applying jewelry findings.  I enjoy making a statement with my art. I believe that I have captured the fashion style of of the Harley Davidson culture with this item.

The other zipper theme items in this series are Pretty Woman, Twisted Sister a vase that captures the fashion and culture of Rock and Roll and Skinny Jeans is a vase that explores pop fashion.

Here is the link to Skinny Jeans in the zipper series. Skinny Jeans

Gift ideas

I also have an Etsy Store if you are looking for an original gift.


All items are made in my Montvale, NJ USA studio.


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