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Inspired Falling Leaves Vase

Matisse Inspiration

Matisse has been a source of inspiration for his flowing lines and organic shapes. This Matisse Inspired Falling Leaves Vase is dedicated to his art and what I have learned from studying his pieces. Here, I am borrowing what he was doing with paper stencils when he could no longer use a brush due to illness.

This vase is the my first Matisse piece. I turned a large wooden vase on a lathe. With a pyrography tool I burned in a stipple texture and the outlines of the leaves. Then I paint the entire vase black with the exception of the leaves. Finally, I color the leaves in vivid Autumn colors to simulate falling leaves as winter sets in. My signature, Alan Adler is on the bottom.

Since completing this piece I have made other Matisse inspired pieces. He is one of my favorite artists. His shapes are simple and elegant and no one can draw a line as clean as he did. If you like Matisse Inspired Falling Leaves Vase you may also enjoy looking at some other Matisse inspired items.

Gift Ideas

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This is a One of a Kind piece as are all the items I make in my studio in Montvale, NJ USA. My primary tool is the Robust Wood Lathe. It is an American made machine with three horsepower. I can process a two hundred pound log for a furniture stool or an one ounce wood jewelry ring. After the form is complete the piece goes to the workbench where secondary operations take place to refine and complete the item.


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