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Genesis Wood Vase


Genesis Wood Vase is a 12 inch tall cherry vase featuring symbols representing water, land and life.  Pyrography techniques are used to decorate this vase. Starting at the base is the symbol for water.  The middle section represents land.  The top section is life with DNA strands.


A vase like this Genesis Wood Vase is more difficult to make than a bowl because of the depth and the ability to reach the bottom with standard tools. In addition, a deep piece may vibrate during the cutting process and come loose from the chuck. This may require a steady rest to secure the piece firmly in place. With a bowl the Maker has easy access to the bottom of the form. Also, on a technical level most bowls are made with the wood grain running horizontal to the form.  With a vase the artist is cutting directly into the end grain which is more challenging.

I enjoy making vases and continuing with a decorative process that may include carving, pyrography and painting.  Once I complete the form my interest turns to adding decorative features.  Here is a vase with airbrush decoration.  Butterfly Vase

Gift Ideas

If you are looking for a special gift take please take a look at my store on this site.  You know that a Fifth Wedding Anniversary gift is wood.  How about a beautiful vase for a home decor accessory?  If you do not find what you are looking in my Etsy store.

Studio Time

I design all of my art in my New Jersey Studio, USA.  I divide my time between shaping the form on a wood lathe and adding decorative features at the workbench. Rarely do I


keep track of the amount of time it takes to make a piece as the process and experience is more important to me.


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