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Climbing Vines Vase


Climbing Vines Vase is a thin wall maple vase features a simple pyrography vine growing up along the sides of the vase.  The size is 4 inches tall by 3 inches in diameter.  This was a transition piece for me.  My goal was to make a form with a very thin wall.  Up to this point my bowls and vases had thicker walls.  A new turner wants every piece to be something.  At some point a Maker must be ready to take chances to expand boundaries in order to improve the skill set. This was such a piece for me.


Once I was able to accomplish the thin wall it became necessary to add interest to the piece. I came up with the simple vine design of leaves climbing up a wall.  The drawing consists of pyrography lines and painted green leaves.  Pyrography is a wood burning technique or branding of the wood with a red hot wire.  Many of us tried this technique at summer camp or in the Scouts.  The results were terrible as the wattage was inadequate. Today these tools allow an artist to create realistic illustrations.  Take a look

Here is another piece featuring pyrography Award for Genesis Platter


If you are looking for a unique gift like Climbing Vines Vase and do not see something in my web store perhaps you can take a look at my Etsy Shop.

I am also represented by several galleries and you can check out the listing under About.


I design and produce all of my pieces in my studio in Montvale, New Jersey, USA.  I divide my time between making the form on a lathe and refining the item at the workbench  Often I will spend more time at the bench refining the piece.  This involves a variety of processes that include pyrography, carving, staining and airbrushing and more.


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