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Zipper Girls Vase Trio


Introducing the Zipper Girls Vase Trio. These pieces are the core of the zipper series which began with Pretty Woman. Each vase represents a unique character, personality and culture in feminine society. Twisted Sister named after the Rock and Roll band is about black leather and metal stud fashion. Skinny Jeans is a tall leggy vase in tight fitting faux denim fabric. Biker Chick represents the Harley Motorcycle culture with leather and steel findings.

Design Opportunity

The series began as an accidental design opportunity. I was making a tall vase that developed a crack from the top edge to the base. There was a ton of potential in the piece and I could not give up on it. I placed it on a shelf where I could see it everyday. Waiting and hoping that a solution would come to me. Then one day the bells went off. How about adding a zipper to simulate making the vase whole again? Once Pretty Woman was complete I recognized the potential for additional wooden vases in a series. This is how the Zipper Girls Vase Trio came about.


I produce and design all items in my shop in New Jersey, USA. My primary tool is the wood lathe. I use this tool to create the form. Once complete the piece moves to the workbench for secondary operations to decorate and enhance the piece. This includes pyrography which is a wood branding technique to make texture. I will also consider carving, staining, painting and airbrushing. The final process is to add a protective coating that I will buff and polish.

This series won Honorable Mention in the Woodworkers Showcase, an annual event is Saratoga NY.

Gift Ideas

If you would like see other Gift and Home Decor items then take in my Etsy store.


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