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Zipper and Lace Cherry Platter

I spent a lot of time on this Zipper and Lace Cherry Platter. The platter started to split as the wood began to dry. The wood is from a large Cherry tree growing next to the grave of a family member who passed thirty five years ago. The cemetery notified the family that the tree had to be removed. It was causing damage to nearby grave sites. The family approached me to make several pieces for family members. This is one of the several platters, vases and bowls produced for the family. When the platter began to develop cracks this became a design opportunity to create an unusual piece honoring the family memory.

The Solution

The solution was to add a zipper to one of the large cracks and leather laces to the other crack. I think of these repairs as metaphors for the healing process after a loss of a family member. Here is another piece that I made for the family from this Cherry tree.

Commission Work

. If you like this commission, Zipper and Lace Cherry Platter and would like me to produce something unique for you please reach out to me. Having the opportunity to create personal and unique items is an honor that I enjoy pursuing. Commission work is very challenging. Nothing is more rewarding that to be able to share something very personal with another individual. If you want to see additional items take a look at my Etsy shop.


I design all my art in my studio in Montvale, New Jersey, USA. Although my primary tool is the wood lathe I will spend more time enhancing and finishing a piece at the studio bench. The techniques that I may use are pyrography which is branding the wood, carving, staining, painting, staining and more.


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