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Award for Laser Etching on Wood


This is a laser image of a vintage Japanese art print. I turn the platter on a wood lathe. The process is to turn a square block of wood with sloping edges on the four sides. Once the shape is complete the piece goes to a laser to engrave the image. Next I hand color the drawing. The recess in the center is to hold a piece of fine jewelry or a ring on a nightstand. This style platter is a jewelry holder and catch all. It can be a desk accessory or a nightstand tray. This is a great centerpiece or display piece. This piece received the First Place Award for Laser Etching on Wood at the annual Northeast Woodworkers Symposium in Saratoga NY.

Inspired by historic Japanese drawings I duplicated this vintage image on wood. The size is approximately 7 inches square by 2 inches high. The finish is food safe. There are other interesting laser items in my store. Many are vintage images from the US Patent office including patents of an early typewriter and machinery gears. There are also classic American Documents like The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution.

Gift Ideas

If you like this Award for Laser Etching on Wood take a look at another laser etched piece. There are many more unique gift items in my Etsy Shop.


I design and produce all the items on this website in my studio in Montvale, New Jersey, USA. My primary tool is the wood lathe. Once I complete a form I may spend more time at the work bench refining the piece. To produce this piece I first turn the shape. Then I laser etch the vintage Japanese print into the wood. With gel pens I hand color the entire piece and finish it with a protective coating.


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