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Yakety-Yak Vessels

Yakety-Yak Vessels are an experiment on how wood logs split at the ends. The cracks that appear after logs are cut occurs as the log begins to dry.  There is a lot of tension in the wood due to the various age rings.  The differences in density are profound at the center which is the pith. 

The split is natural on these Yakety-Yak Vessels. I turn a drinking glass shape from a piece of “Green Wood” which is recently cut wet wood.  I center the pith in the glass shape and then make a slit on each side.  As the wood begins to dry the slit begins to open wider. This movement is complete within ten days.  I am aware of this process through my friend, Max Brosi, a wonderful artist. 

I call these pieces Yakety-Yak Vessels because they remind me of my grandkids constant talking.  They make great jewelry keepers as small items can hang off the slits and larger pieces are secure inside the cup.  Although the opening looks like a V Shape cut away it is only an open slit from the outward movement of the sides.  

Gift Ideas

Should you be looking for a unique gift and you do not see something in my web store then take a look in my Etsy Shop which has hundreds of unique items in a variety of categories including Jewelry, Bowls, Vases and Platters.  


I design all my items in my Montvale, New Jersey, USA studio. I split my time between the lathe and the workbench. Upon completing a piece on the lathe I will take the piece to the bench for secondary operations and finishing. Some of the processes that I use to enhance my items include carving, piercing, pyrography which is a branding technique, staining, airbrushing and painting.


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