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Wood War Bowl


Wood War Bowl came about during a time I was thinking about human conflict.  There always seems to be senseless wars around the world thriving on hate and killing. This Box Elder wood has some bark inclusions that represent dividing lines between opposing groups.  The tribes are represented by circles and squares. The groups engage in battle for no other reason than their shapes and territories.  There are cemeteries at each end of the bowl.  The size is 10 inch diameter by 3 inches deep.

After the bowl is turned on a wood lathe. I use pyrography to tell the story.  Circles and squares represent opposing tribes.  Pyrography tools look like soldering irons with red hot wire tips.  Perhaps you had an unsatisfactory experience with novice pyrography tools in the Scouts trying to draw on wood.

Story Telling

I think it is important to tell a story with an art piece.  It takes a decorative item to a new level and challenges the viewer and to consider something they may not be thinking about. It is not often that I can achieve this in a piece, but when I do there is a lot of emotion and energy. Shortly after the shooting in of children in Sandy Hook I became a volunteer for a cause at the town cultural center.  It is impossible to express the emotions that ran through my head during those few visits.  Upon completing the task at hand my brain was screaming for me to do something with my art to help process the event.  This is the piece, Assessment Test Pencils and Bullets


I design and produce all of my art in my Montvale, New Jersey, USA studio.  If you like Wood War Bowl and are looking for something special take a look in my Etsy Shop


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