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Winter Branches Platter

Winter Branches Platter is an experiment to be able to make a wood platter and a wood block that will be able to produce a wood cut print.  Through out my college years, I am creating silk screen and wood cut prints. Now I see the possibility to create a utilitarian platter that also serves as the print block.

Wood Cut Print

To make a wood cut print the artist draws an image onto a flat piece of wood.  Now I carve away the space between the lines.  This leaves a recess in the drawing with high and low spots. The artist will now coat the top surface of the wood with ink. The ink sits on the high spots and should not go into the recesses.  Next the artist places a sheet of paper over the wood block and the ink transfers to the paper resulting in a print.  This image is a graphic of the Japanese maple tree branches in front of our home. The branches twist and run off in many directions. The wood platter is myrtle and the size is 10 x 10 x 1.5 inches.

Want to learn more about wood cuts.  My favorite artists are the German Expressionists.

Gift Ideas

If you like the Winter Branches Platter and you are looking for a special gift please look in my store. and if you do not see anything in my store on this website take a look in my Etsy Store.


I design and produce all my items in my New Jersey, USA studio.  My main tool is the wood lathe.  It allows me to make the form which then needs to be completed at the workbench. Here I may decide to carve, pierce, use resin, stain or paint and then finish with a protective coating. 


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