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Winged Victory Platter


Winged Victory Platter is a piece of Maple crouch.  The crouch is where branches radiate from the tree trunk.  These unique patterns sometimes appear as feather patterns.  The dark hardwood area reminds me of the headless Winged Victory statue in the Louvre though others may see the head of a deer. The size of this platter is 15 x 15 x 2.5 inches.

The style of this platter is Natural Edge.  Notice that both sides maintain the bark edge.  Most often a bowl is made from a block of wood and the edges are cut away forming a perfect circle.  Because the wood is from the crotch of two intersecting branches I knew that the interior wood grain would be interesting.  Therefore I would want to keep the original organic shape for a platter.

The dark color wood is the hardwood towards the interior of the log.  The white wood is new growth sapwood. Just as age rings form during the growing season every year the older interior wood becomes harder.   The exterior new sapwood growth adds diameter thickness to the tree.

Here is another platter made from the crotch of another tree branch. Hurricane Sandy Platter

Gift Ideas

Should you be looking for a special gift similar to Winged Victory Platter and do not see it in this web store then hop over to my Etsy shop.  I also accept commissions and perhaps we can work on a project that will meet your exact specifications.  


I design all my items in my studio in Montvale, New Jersey, USA. I split my time between the lathe and the workbench where I employ secondary operations to enhance the piece.  These techniques include pyrography which is a wood burning technique, carving, piercing and painting and anything else that will make the piece unique.


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