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Topless Platter


This Topless Platter is a Cherry platter wood from Hurricane Sandy damage.   Notice the horizontal line dividing the center of the piece like a bathing suit line. Use your imagination for above the waist. This is where the tree truck is graft with a section from another tree creating the Weeping Cherry falling branches. It is fascinating how seamless the wood grows together just leaving a noticeable change in grain direction. The size is 14 x 13 x 2.5 inches.

Tree Grafting

Topless Platter is the graft section from an ornamental weeping cherry tree.  This is the first time I have seen the grain pattern of a grafting on a large tree.  The line is where two sections from different trees grow together.  The tree surgeon cuts the parent tree to accept the growth from another tree which is graft into the original tree upside down.  This creates the weeping branches.

The style of this platter is Natural Edge.  Notice that both sides maintain the organic bark edge.  Most often a bowl is made from a block of wood and the edges are cut away forming a perfect circle.  Because the wood is from a graft I want to show the grain pattern as it appears in the tree.

Here is another platter made from the grafting of a tree. Hurricane Sandy Platter

Gift Ideas

Should you be looking for a special gift similar to Topless Platter and do not see it in this web store then check out my Etsy shop.  I also accept commissions and perhaps we can work on a project that will meet your exact specifications.


I design all my items in my studio in Montvale, New Jersey, USA. I split my time between the lathe and the workbench where I use secondary operations to enhance the piece.  These techniques include, pyrography which is a wood burning technique, carving, piercing and painting.


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