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Teenager Zipper Vase

This piece is part of my series of zippered vases. Teenager Zipper Vase is colorful and quirky just as many teenagers express themselves in fashion. This Vase is a part of a series of vases that feature a zipper and other elements about fashion and female themes.

Teenager Zipper Vase is the third in a series of vases with zippers. The idea for this series started with Pretty Woman which was an accidental design opportunity. The idea came from finding a solution to a crack appearing in a vase close to finishing. Too pretty to be firewood I would have to find a solution. Then out of the blue I had the idea to place a zipper in the crack. Very happy with the result I decided to continue to develop the zipper concept with a series of feminine forms.

The Creative Process

It fascinates me how an idea can appear out of nowhere. For me it happens late at night or upon awakening. Sometimes it takes days or weeks and sometimes months. One recent project resolved itself after several years where I could not figure out how to technically solve a problem. Then one day I woke up and the solution was was clearly in my head. I rushed down to the studio and within hours was able to accomplish something that haunted me for years.

Teenager Vase is an wood art sculpture that involves several techniques that include turning, carving and painting. I enjoy making a statement with my art. I believe that I captured the style and quirkiness of a teenager in this pieces with the bright red color and the leather cords.

The other zipper theme items in this series are Trio. Twisted Sister is a vase with that captures the fashion and culture of Rock and Roll. Skinny Jeans is a tall vase with a blue denim texture of tight fitting jeans. Biker Chick is a vase that explores the Harley Biker Culture. I create all these items in my studio in Montvale, NJ USA.

I also maintain an Etsy Store if you are looking for a special gift.


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