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Tall Norfolk Island Vase

Norfolk Island Pine Wood

Tall Norfolk Island Vase maybe the first piece I made in this wood.  When Norfolk Island Pine is soaked in linseed oil it takes on both amber and deep black colors.  This piece is mostly beige in color.  If you look at my other NIP pieces you with see a noticeable difference.  I think I was so excited to be turning my first NIP piece that I did not go through the entire process.  It still looks pretty good.  But take a look at the difference when the wood is submerged in oil for a week.  Norfolk Island Vase Face.  The black lines are from spalting which is the decaying process that occurs in wood when it lays on the ground.  The fibers suck up water and minerals and these lines form.

The red dots are knots where the branches once grew.  This tree is unique in that the branches grow in concentric layers.  Other tree produce branches in random patterns. This Tall Norfolk Island Pine Vase is approximately 6.25 inch diameter by 8.5 inches tall.

My Journey Into Wood Turning

I totally enjoy working with this wood.  It is the reason why I am a wood artist. There is so much variety in each log.  This tree is tropical and grows in Florida and Hawaii. In 2009, I came across a NIP bowl in a New York Gallery.  It was the most beautiful and unique piece of wood that I ever saw;  I asked the Gallery director the cost and it was $3000.  It reminded my of a self help proverb. You can give a man a fish and he will have dinner or teach the man how to fish and he will never go hungry.  I decided to use the $3000 to take lessons and purchase the equipment so I could make bowls like the one in the gallery. I never looked back.  It was a great decision.  I am delighted to share my art with you.

Gift ideas

If you like this Tall Norfolk Island vase look in my store. Norfolk Island Pine Bowl

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I make all of my pieces in my studio in Montvale, New Jersey, USA.


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