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Stunning Maple Burl Platter


This Stunning Maple Burl Platter has incredible character.  If you do not know what Burl is, it the bump sometimes growing on a tree. It is rather ugly from the outside, but the inside offers amazing opportunities for the artist.  My signature is on base of all my bowls and platters. If you like this Maple Burl Platter you should check out my other items Natural Edge Cherry Bowl


This Stunning Maple Burl Platter has tons of character with the texture and colors which are unique to maple burl.  When you notice a strange round bump on a tree that is a burl. Most likely the cause for a Burl is that the tree suffers from insert or environmental damage.  This is how a tree creates a new level of protection.  Burls are highly sought after by Makers because the grain patterns offer insane finishing opportunities.  

Gift Ideas 

Picture a one of a kind handmade wooden bowl like this one on your table.  An item similar to this will be perfect in your home or as a gift for that special friend.  You know that wood is the 5th Anniversary Wedding Gift. Need a Birthday Gift, Housewarming Gift?


I design all items in my studio in Montvale, NJ USA. I spend my time on the wood lathe creating the initial form.  Once the form is satisfying I will spend the rest of the time at the work bench finessing the design to create something both unique and beautiful.  These techniques include carving, piercing, airbrushing, pyrography and finishing with a protective sealer.  Pyrography is a wood burning technique to add texture to a piece.  The device looks like a soldering iron and has a wire tip that is red hot and burns symbols into the surface of the wood.  


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