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Skinny Jeans WOW Cover

Skinny Jeans WOW Cover gets cover February 9 2016. This is where Woodturning artists worldwide share ideas and support each other. Each day a judge picks a piece for the Cover Page. Skinny Jeans WOW Cover is one of several pieces in my zipper series celebrating female fashion. The first in the series is Pretty Woman. The concept developed from a problem that occurred when the vase split. I saw this as a design opportunity and painted the exterior black with a hot red interior to look like leather. The split was treated with a zipper feature. This led to ideas for Biker Chick celebrating Harley Davidson motorcycle culture and Twisted Sister for the Rock and Roll Rock fashion influences. It also received an award at Totally Turning in Saratoga NY in 2016. Skinny Jeans is a faux denim piece and is a fashion statement piece about ubiquitous tight fitting jeans.  I enjoy making statements with my art. The sizes are the approximately 4- 5 inch diameters at the top by 12 – 16 inches tall tapering to a 3 inch bases.

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Gift Ideas

Looking for an interesting gift item then look at my Etsy Store. You know that wood is the Fifth Wedding Anniversary Gift.  Maybe a Birthday Gift or Housewarming Gift is deserving of that special person in your life.


These are One of a Kind pieces that I make in my studio in Montvale, NJ USA. My signature is on the base of all my wood art pieces. My primary tool is the wood lathe to make the form. Once the shape is complete I will spend a lot of time enhancing the piece at the bench.


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