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Shifting Sands Wood Platter


Shifting Sands Wood Platter is from an 800 pound maple burl that a fellow turner and I sourced on a llama farm of all places. When I began turning I would not go near a chain saw so my friend did most of the work that day.  Now I am processing my own wood from storm damaged trees. This burl contains the most unique patterns and inclusions I have ever seen. The patterns look like traces of prehistoric animal skeletons scattered and laying in sand dunes.

What is a Burl

A burl is that round shape bump you sometimes see growing on the tree trunk.  Many people think that it is a tumor or a tree cancer which it is not.  It is not harmful at all and probably formed as a defensive action by the tree after an attack by insects or storm damage.  Typically the growth of the tree is upright and the the grain is a straight line.  In a burl the grain direction is random and this results in beautiful grain patterns.  All of my bowls and platters are also food safe and signed on the bottom.

Shifting Sands Wood Platter is handmade on a wood lathe.  This is an maple burl platter with gorgeous grain and incredible markings that appear to be a shifting sand pattern at the ocean shoreline.

Picture a gorgeous wood platter like this as a display piece your table. This beautiful home decor item has already been sold, but if you would like a burl platter let me know as I will accept commissions.

Gift Ideas

Take a look in my store under bowls and platters for available items.

Please look at my Etsy store for an additional selection of wood bowls and platters.


All items are handmade in my studio in Montvale, NJ USA.


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