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Round Colored Pencil Bracelet

Round Colored Pencil Bracelet with silver tone chain link bracelet and color pencil inserts. Great colors with an amazing look.  These unique teacher gifts or artist gift are available in my store.

This pencil bracelet features tons of color.  Who can resist color pencils?  They take us back to our childhood. I celebrate color pencils as an adult with jewelry making. After casting a block of pencils I turn the block into a cylinder to fit the circular bezels on the bracelet. Next I cut thin discs, sand them, fit them into the finding and coat them with resin for a lifetime of protection.

This a unique bracelet.  The colors are intense.  Ask a friend what the circles are and you will get answers from, I don’t know to jewels.  Ask a child and they will tell you color pencils almost immediately.  When you tell your adult friend they are pencils they will reply… WOW.  The bracket is a great conversation pieces and will go with any outfit.

Gift Ideas

You will find jewelry items similar to these in my store.

If you like this Round Colored Pencil Bracelet there are additional choices in my Etsy Store.


I design and produce all items in my studio in Montvale, NJ USA.  My primary machine is the American Made Robust Lathe.  It has three horsepower and can turn a two hundred pound log into a twenty pound seating stool.  It is also accurate to make small jewelry items like the bracelet above that weighs several ounces.

There is something very soothing about peeling away layers of wood on a lathe.  Many turners refer to it as an addition.  Others find it a form of meditation taking them to another place.  I find I am often startled if someone enters the studio and I am not prepared for them.  I am instantly brought back to the real world.


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