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Pottery Shape Wooden Bowls


These wooden bowls take on their own asymmetrical organic shapes after turning as they dry. I think of these wood bowl forms as Pottery Shape Wooden Bowls. When a log is fresh cut it contains an enormous amount of water and moisture. This is Green Wood. If the Maker cuts a thin and evenly thick wall the wood actually moves and the shape goes from round to oval to even bizarre. If the walls are too thick then the wood will crack. This is visible in the cracks on the ends of logs. As green wood dries it often changes shape and the results are these organic and asymmetric shapes. Adding stain and texture creates even more interest to these Pottery Shape Wooden Bowls.

Decorating Wood

One of my themes is to make a wood bowl not to look like wood. This is not accepted by many turners who consider themselves Purists. They believe that wood is to remain in its natural form. My opinion is that wood is my canvas and if I can create a wood pieces that are not readily identifiable as wood all the better. Here is a sea urchin that I carved and bleached. It does not look like or feel like wood. That makes me happy.


Besides my portfolio and store on this website you can see other items that I create in my Etsy Store. I produce all of my items in my studio in Montvale, New Jersey, USA. My primary tool is the wood lathe to shape the form. Once I have a satisfactory shape I spend a lot of time at the workbench refining the form. I may use a variety of techniques including pyrography which is wood burning with a red hot wire, carving, painting, staining and an airbrush. This insures that I will produce and unique product.


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