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Picasso Inspired Platter

This Picasso Inspired Platter is a piece from an early Picasso drawing.  I draw the pattern onto the wooden platter.  Then I carve deep grooves which I fill with a mixture of turquoise powder and glue.  The size is 6.5 inch diameter by 3/4 inches high.


A lot of my inspiration comes from the Master Artists.  There is not a lot of originality in my Picasso Inspired Platter as I simply transferred his idea to my platter.  This piece is an exercise using a new material in my turning.  This image is from a lithograph.

Valuing Art

There is a story about Picasso that I would like to share with you as it has to do with pricing art.  He is at a favorite restaurant and a patron asks for his autograph and a simple sketch.  Picasso obliges and when the patron reaches for the sketch Picasso says that will cost you $500.  The patron says it only took you a few minutes.  Picasso responds that it took 30 years.

This is a lesson for both consumers and artists in valuing artwork.  First and most importantly value is what someone is willing to pay.  Second is that the buyer is paying for the lessons, materials, tools, mistakes, studio costs and overhead that the artist has invested in over a period of years developing his craft.  My advice to a collector is to buy what you love.  Do not purchase for investment.  You should enjoy living with the piece and be happy every time you look at it.

Matisse is another artist who inspires me and here is an item honoring him.

Gift Ideas

If you are looking for a special gift and not see it in my store, take a look at my Etsy shop.


I design all of my art is my studio in Montvale, New Jersey, USA.


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