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Painted Wood Butterfly Vases


I draw much of my inspiration from Nature. This is a series of tall Painted Wood Butterfly Vases. These Painted Wood Butterfly Vases are airbrushed and then finished with a protective coating. I have an interest in adding texture and color to my wood turnings. There are those who call themselves “wood purists” and they are against adding decorative techniques to wood. They actually get quite emotional about this. I don’t understand how they have come to such a rigid position. To me wood is a canvas. It grows on trees. What if there were canvas purists? Would there be any paintings?


I became interested in Airbrushing. I could not find a place to take lessons so I journeyed out on my own. It was a very painful experience with many failures. I just had to hunker down and spend the time and figure it out. There is a saying, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” Adjusting the spray mist, mixing the colors and most importantly keeping the airbrush from clogging. Finally, I was making progress. It is amazing how many paths the wood turning has taken me down.

Making a deep vase is more challenging than making a bowl. The opening is not as wide and the depth is obviously deeper. Sometimes I use a special tool called a Steady Rest which attaches to the lathe. It supports the vase while it spins. Without a Steady Rest turning can become dangerous if the wood comes off the chuck. When this happens duck, pray, look for blood and take a break.

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Gift Ideas

Also, if you have a moment check out some other great gift ideas in my Etsy store.


These vases are unique pieces as are all the items that I make in my studio in Montvale, NJ USA.


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