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Old Cherry Burl Vase

This  Old Cherry Burl Vase has taken on the look of an antique vase discovered at an  archaeological dig. The size is 4 inches in diameter by 6 inches tall.  This is an extraordinary example of Cherry Burl with red and black texture that it appears like stone.

Hollow Form Style

This style vase is a Hollow Form.  It is a technique of woodturning where the Maker cuts a small hole.  Then with special tools he removes the interior wood.  Unable to see inside he relies on calipers and sound in order to produce a consistent wall thickness.  This takes a lot of practice along with failures to be able to accomplish this form. Credit for Hollow Form turning goes to David Ellsworth.  It changed the course of the craft from primarily utilitarian items to an art form.  Here is the link for Ellsworth.

Burl Wood

A burl is that ugly bump you may notice on a tree.  Often confused as a tumor or tree cancer, it is neither. Most likely it is a defensive measure by the tree in response to an insect attack or environmental damage.  Burls are highly sought after by woodworkers.  Tree fibers grow in straight lines.  Inside a burl the grain direction is all over the place and this creates very interesting patterns for the artist t to produce  special piece. Here is another burl piece Freckles Elm Bowl

Gift ideas

If you are looking for a special gift like Old Cherry Burl Vase look at my Etsy Store.


I design all of my work in my New Jersey Studio USA and all bowls have my signature on the bottom.  My primary tool is the wood lathe.  I use this machine to create the form.  Once the form is complete I take it to the workbench for secondary operations and finishing.


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